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AEM Water/Methanol Injection Monitor, 30-3020

AEM Water/Methanol Injection Monitor, 30-3020
The most advanced, easy to use water/methanol safety device on the market.
·Use your water/methanol injection system with complete peace of mind
·Easy to set up and use
·Smart and sophisticated system that monitors the entire flow curve

Water/Methanol injection users now have the sophisticated safety system they’ve always needed in an easy to use package. Unlike most competitor systems that only check flow at a single point, AEM’s Injection Monitor is a smart system that monitors the entire flow curve. Flow versus injection rate data is continuously collected and any deviation away from an acceptable baseline flow curve will trigger an alarm output. This output can be used to reduce boost, pull timing, switch maps, or any other function to protect an engine from harmful detonation in the event there is an unsafe operating condition.

The AEM Injection Monitor features a wide variety of innovative features including PC configuration software with USB connectivity, an “Auto Set” feature that automatically provides a best-suggested baseline configuration, a high-tech analog display gauge with user adjustable backlighting that can be flashed when an alarm is triggered, and an internal data logger that records injection and alarm status data. The Injection Monitor works with virtually every water/methanol injection system that uses 1/4"OD tubing!


· Monitors the entire injection curve and its relationship to injection progression.
· Can be used with any injection system with ¼” OD tubing.
· Tunable PC based software with USB connectivity.
· Injection Monitor software has a built in Auto Set Limit feature that automatically suggests best alarm configuration.
· One low side (ground) driver and one high side (+12v) driver can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition.
· Internal data logger records all injection flow and alarm status data.
· High-tech analog style gauge is easily readable and user programmable for either 0-500 cc/min or 0-1000 cc/min flow ranges with interchangeable black & white face plates and black & silver bezels.
· Gauge alarm and backlighting color is fully user adjustable through software to match virtually any OEM dash or desired color.
· Built in warning lights inform the user of an alarm trigger.
· Injection Monitor software offers a live gauge view that displays both injection percentage and flow.
· Fully adjustable alarm delay and alarm reset period.
· 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or F/IC.
· Auxiliary input for use with AEM Water/Methanol Injection “Boost Safe” feature triggers alarm output in the event there is a system readiness issue (open circuit, short circuit, low fluid level, etc.)
· High-quality precision flow sensor included.
· Gauge backlight is user defined to dim on either a +12v or ground signal

Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

Important Safety Notice Regarding Methanol

AEM strongly recommends that users never exceed a 50% methanol concentration when using any AEM Water Methanol system or component.

All AEM Water/Meth injection systems and components (pump, lines, fittings, filter, flow sensor, tank, and nozzles) are 100% chemically compatible with methanol. However, for safety reasons we strongly recommend that users never use more than a 50% methanol concentration in our systems.

Methanol is a toxic and highly flammable chemical. 100% Methanol ignites easily and burns vigorously with an almost undetectable flame. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin and even small amounts can cause blindness or even death. Using this fluid at high pressures, without dilution, in an under-hood environment with nylon lines and push-to-connect fittings is very unsafe. The performance advantages of using greater than 50% methanol concentrations are small, if they exist at all. However, the safety issues are very real and far out weigh any perceived benefit of running high concentrations of methanol.


Improper installation and/or adjustment of this product can result in major engine/vehicle damage. For technical assistance visit our forum at http://forum.aempower.com/forum/index.php or visit our dealer locator http://www.aemelectronics.com/dealer_locator.php to find a professional installer/tuner near you.

Note: AEM holds no responsibility for any engine damage or personal injury that results from the misuse of this product, including but not limited to injury or death caused by the mishandling of methanol.