Engine Rebuilds

We rebuild engines in stock form as well as performance engines. We can build an engine to your specs. Whether you need to rebuild the engine in your stock daily driven car or build an all out race prepped engine for your race car, we can do it all.

• Rebuild labor $800 for shortblock (this includes teardown, cleaning, inspecting, and re assembly of engine block)

• Bearing pressing/installation $30 per bearing. (includes removing the old and installing new bearing, when replacing bearings on either rotors or stationary gears)

• $900 for longblock (manifolds, turbos, engine peripherals attached to engine)

• Removal & Re-installation of engine from car $800 for FB and FC and $1000 for FD and RX-8.

Parts price can vary, it all depends on the type of rebuild you want or need. But usually from $1000 to $2000+. There is no set price for the rebuild parts. We build motors that meet your needs or budget, so contact us and we can discuss it.

• We also rebuild 20B 3 rotor engines. Please contact us for pricing.