Elite Rotary Shop Deluxe 12A/13B Engine Stud Kit Stage 1

Elite Rotary Shop Deluxe 12A/13B Engine Stud Kit Stage 1

The horsepower capabilities of the modern turbo rotary engine has far exceed the capabilities of many of the materials used by the manufacturer. Engines these days are making over 500HP on the dynos. As a result the factory engine thru bolts will no longer hold the engine together. This is where Elite Rotary Shop Stage 1 Studs come into play.

We Machine our studs from military-grade chromoly steel, our studs are far greater resistance to stretching and vibration damage, vastly increasing the level of axial and torsional rigidity of your engine.

This is a preferred method of increased engine rigidity over doweling due to no material being removed from the outer sections of the factory plate and housing.

Factory thread pitch, NO tapping or machining the engine plates required like some others on the market eliminating costly machine shop fees and eliminating the huge margin for error by the do it yourselfers

Designed and manufactured 100% in the USA

Fits 12A/13B rotary engines.

Elite Rotary Shop Stage 1 2.0 stud Kit, Street/Race Applications

Replaces 16 of the engine thru bolts to Chromoly steel with black oxide coating, ARP 12 Point Nuts, Factory washers and Steel washers included.