Adaptronic Wideband O2 Module

Adaptronic Wideband O2 Module


This board enables an Adaptronic Modular ECU( except the M1200) to control a single LSU 4.6 sensor directly, by wiring the supplied harness into the ecu connectors. If you need to control more than one LSU 4.9 sensor, you may add more wideband o2 modules into your ecu, provided you have more than one small expansion port available( differs between ecus).

This setup is faster to install than an external controller, and less susceptible to installation errors, and more importantly has an even faster response time than other popular external controllers. 

This kit includes the Adaptronic wideband module, one LSU 4.9 sensor, and wideband sensor cable. Everything you need in order to install the setup into your ecu. 

The harness comes pinned with the m2000 pins. If using a PNP ecu you will need to swap pins.