Elite Full Intake System

Elite Full Intake System

Elite Rotary Shop Full intake system now available
All products are designed and made 100% in the U.S.A
Intake system is based off of the very Popular 13b RE Cosmo intake System, will bolt right up to 13b REW & 13b Cosmo. Our intake system are made out of cast aluminum, with some great revisions as listed.

(1) FD Throttle body flange so you can just bolt up FD throttle body
(2) 4 secondary injector bungs
(3) Lower intake flange to block ported to match engine with plenty of room to port larger if desired.
(4) Straight equal runners
(5) 15mm shorter in height to clear stock FD hoods
(6) Designed to work on RX8 engine swaps to REW

Colors Options Black, Red or Natural


Upper Intake

Lower Intake

Vacuum Barb fittings