Sevenstock 17 November 22nd 2014

November 07, 2014 Amir Haleem

Come join the Lucky 7 Racing crew at a big day at the track!

The Southern California RX Club and RotaryNews.Com cordially invite you and the staff of your company to join us in celebrating all RX vehicles and Rotary Engine Power, at our 17th Annual SevenStock Event. The rotary engine festival is being held November 22, 2014 at the World Class Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. The SevenStock Event series is the largest single day Rotary Enthusiast gathering in the world and this year we will continue joining other Mazda models on track to allow for more brand exposure and awareness. Mazda North America will be displaying its outstanding historical race and specialty Rotary vehicles. In addition, they will again be running them on-track as a SevenStock highlight!

Why Participate?: Where else in the world can you get together with 1000's of rotorheads! Plus the 400+ Rotary cars on display! PLUS having the MAZDA RACE CARS ON TRACK again this year won't be bad either!