Business Hours:


Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday by appointment only.


Engine Rebuilds:

We rebuild engines in stock form as well as performance engines. We can build an engine to your specs. Whether you  need to rebuild the engine in your stock daily driven car or build an all out race prepped engine for your race car, we can do it all.

•    Rebuild labor $1500 for shortblock (this includes teardown, cleaning, inspecting, and re assembly of engine block)

•    Bearing pressing/installation $25 per bearing. (includes removing the old and installing new bearing, when replacing bearings on either rotors or stationary gears) *this service is included in engine rebuilds, but available for the DIY builders*

•    $1800 for longblock (manifolds, turbos, engine peripherals attached to engine)

•    Removal & Re-installation of engine from car $1000 for FB and FC and $1500 for FD and RX-8.

•    Parts price can vary, it all depends on the type of rebuild you want or need. But usually from $2000 to $4500+. There is no set price for the rebuild parts. We build motors that meet your needs or budget, so contact us and we can discuss it.

•    We also rebuild 20B 3 rotor engines. Please contact us for pricing.



•    Street Port small/mild $500 (this includes porting the intake and exhaust). Gas mileage is typically not affected. Stock turbo(s) and computer works just fine, although some form of fuel enrichment should be used. Large Street Port or Race Port $650 (this includes porting the intake and exhaust). Advanced port timing gives awesome power through the midrange and spools turbos a lot quicker. This is the port where your idle quality deteriorates. A reasonable idle of 800-900 rpm can still be achieved, but you’ll notice some misfiring due to the extra port overlap. Vacuum signal typically between 14″ and 16” @ 900 rpm. This port can be customized to your specification. Gas mileage either stays about the same or decreases slightly, but 20+ mpg on a properly tuned setup is still attainable, depending on weight, driving habits, etc…. stock turbo(s) is inadequate and should be upgraded. You’ll see the best results with an engine management system.

•    Bridge Port contact us.


General Repairs or Performance Upgrades:

•    We do clutch jobs, engine swaps, transmission jobs, rear end swaps, suspension installations, performance upgrades and general maintenance like tune-ups, water pumps, etc… Our regular labor rates are $150/hour.


Electrical Wiring:

•    Our rate for all general electrical and wiring is $150/hour. This includes installation of boost controllers, gauges, Haltech EMS, water injection, electric fans, accessories, etc…



•    We have the proper equipment for diagnosing problems on your car.

•    OBD II scanning for RX-8.

•    Digital compression testing $175 with printout of your results! (We use a factory RE compression tester made by Mazda)

•    Coolant system pressure testing $120


Dyno Tuning:

•    We have all of our tuning done in house on our 2 wheel Dynojet chassis dyno rated at 2,000hp.

•    EMS tuning (Haltech, Adaptronic, Apex-i PFC, etc...) Flat rate $850 or $195/hr

•    Have your own tuner? You can rent our dyno for your own dyno time with your tuner. $150/hr 9am-6pm Afterhours 6pm and on $180/hr (please contact us for scheduling)


Car Transportation:

▪    We have a flat bed and enclosed car trailer and can provide pick up and delivery of your car. We charge a flat rate of $200 per trip for towing a car within a 20-mile radius from our shop in City of Industry, CA.

▪    If you are outside the 30-mile radius contact us if you need your car picked up and we can give you a quote for towing.