• Street Port small/mild $450 (this includes porting the intake and exhaust). Gas mileage is typically not affected. Stock turbo(s) and computer works just fine, although some form of fuel enrichment should be used.

• Large Street Port or Race Port $600 (this includes porting the intake and exhaust). Advanced port timing gives awesome power through the midrange and spools turbos a lot quicker. This is the port where your idle quality deteriorates. A reasonable idle of 800-900 rpm can still be achieved, but you’ll notice some misfiring due to the extra port overlap. Vacuum signal typically between 14″ and 16” @ 900 rpm. This port can be customized to your specification. Gas mileage either stays about the same or decreases slightly, but 20+ mpg on a properly tuned setup is still attainable, depending on weight, driving habits, etc…. stock turbo(s) is inadequate and should be upgraded. You’ll see the best results with an engine management system.

• Bridge Port contact us.

• Throttle Body Porting is $120 and despite claims, this does not give a ton of extra horsepower. What it does do, however, is gives a greater increase in throttle response and a little more of that “instant power” when you mash the gas pedal down all at once. The engine will rev up a bit quicker and feel like it’s a lot more open through the midrange. It also aids slightly with spool-up on turbo cars.