Rotary Miata 13B Mount kit in development.

January 16, 2013 Frisili Casasola

We have had many people ask us about a rotary Miata conversion after seeing one of our personal cars done by Lucky 7 Racing. We have a 1990 Miata with a 13B NA ITB setup running with a Haltech. So with the high demand for the rotary Miata we decided to take on the challenge and develop a kit we can offer those who want a little more zoom-zoom from the Miata. 



Here is the project car brought in by our customer Nick. He was very exited to do the experimental 13B Turbo swap, he pulled out the factory engine out of his 1997 M edition Miata and brought it to us for the heart transplant.

We dropped in the mockup 13BT and started taking measurements. Quickly we found out the turbo and turbo wastegate actuator was going to cause some fitment issues with the subframe. The challenge here was to try and fit the factory 13BT engine with factory turbo. The exhaust for the rotary runs on the right side of the engine bay, while the original BP engine has the exhaust on the left side of the bay.

Factory fuel lines running where the new exhaust will sit was another concern. So we decided to move over the fuel lines to run along on the left side of the car. There was some custom cutting involved to make room for the downpipe. 

We decided it was best to use a custom subframe and mounts to fit the rotary engine in the car. After some modifications to the steering rack we finally had the clearance we needed. (at the moment our 13B kit will not allow the use of power steering or AC)

Mock up engine mounted with an RX-7 Turbo 5 speed transmission. Custom front mount intercooler and oil cooler, custom 3" dowpipe to the custom 3" SS exhaust all the way back. Now it was time for wiring the Haltech Sprint RE as the engine management system. 

Out with the old and in with the new and painted engine. Nick wanted to keep the gold theme so we painted his engine gold and silver. This is a used imported Japanese engine by the way, we just made it look like new.

Finished Product. Stock 13BT Haltech Sprint RE, LS coils, 3" SS exhaust, custom intake, custom FMIC, and DW300 fuel pump.

Dyno time!

260rwhp + 248tq in a 2,380lbs car = FUN.

Happy Miata.

Bling bling!