AEM High Output IGBT Inductive "SMART" Coil, 30-2853

AEM High Output IGBT Inductive "SMART" Coil, 30-2853
Auto enthusiasts who have forced induction engines, high RPM engines or run nitrous oxide are aware of the compromises that come with using inductive coils instead of converting to a Capacitive Discharge Ignition system (CDI). While inductive coils deliver a long spark duration with simplicity, they lack the energy to adequately ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber of a highly modified performance vehicle. Conversely, CDIs deliver an intense burst of spark energy, but with practically no spark duration, which makes having the proper air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber paramount for best performance. This compromise ends with AEM’s High-Output IGBT “Smart” Inductive Coils; The first inductive coils that deliver CDI-like spark energy and voltage, and the long spark duration necessary for forced induction- and nitrous-equipped vehicles.

AEM’s High-Output, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) “Smart” Inductive Coils are designed for use on applications that do not have an external igniter.

AEM’s High-Output IGBT “Smart” Inductive Coils each deliver up to 103mJ of spark energy and a minimum of 40,000 Volts—as much as most CDI systems but without the need for a CDI module! These coils provide very long spark duration at full energy, unlike CDI systems and multiple spark systems which fire off small spark events prior to and after its CDI burst to mimic longer spark duration. The full energy delivery and long duration of AEM’s High-Output IGBT “Smart” Inductive Coils eliminate the need to compromise energy or duration with your ignition system, and will increase performance in high-boost or high compression engines.

AEM’s High-Output IGBT “Smart” Inductive Coils deliver CDI-like spark energy with the long duration of an inductive coil. They install easily in place of your exiting coils and do not require a CDI module. AEM’s High-Output IGBT “Smart” Inductive Coils have a shock and weatherproof design that allows them to be mounted virtually anywhere. And at a cost less than what you would pay for aftermarket LS1 coils—they deliver World-Class performance at a bargain. AEM’s High-Output Coils are used on 2,000-horsepower nitrous motors without a CDI, and they perform flawlessly.

- Deliver CDI-like spark energy—No CDI Module needed!
- Cost less than aftermarket LS1 coils
- Can be mounted almost anywhere

- Massive Spark Energy, up to 103 mJ!
- Incredibly long spark duration, up to 2.9mS!
- Up to 40kV Output Voltage, without using a CDI!
- Weather and Shockproof design
- Can be mounted directly to the Engine

Output (no load): 40kV minimum
Output (50pF load): 40kV +/- 10%
Output Energy: 103 mJ +/- 7%
Peak Secondary Current: 102 mA +/- 10%
Arc Duration: 2.9mS +/- 10%
Turns Ratio 71:1
Maximum Current: 19 Amps
Maximum Battery Voltage: 17 Volts
Base Dwell: 3.0 mS
Max Continuous Dwell: 9 mS but don’t exceed 40% duty cycle
Max Intermittent Dwell: 80% duty cycle, 5 seconds maximum
Mating Connector: Packard/Delphi 12162825 “Pull to Seat”
Mating Contacts: Packard/Delphi 12124075 “Pull to Seat”
High Tension Wire Terminal: HEI “spark plug top” Style

A: Coil Trigger (0-5V signal)
B: Coil Trigger (Ref Ground)
C: Ground to Cylinder Head
D: Battery Ground
E: Battery Positive (Relay or switched ignition)

- AEM High Output IGBT Coil with Built in Ignitor (Smart Coil) – For applications without an external ignitor. Can also be used to completely replace factory coils and an external ignitor.
- AEM High Output Inductive Coil (Dumb Coil) (AEM P/N 30-2852) - For applications which have an external ignitor or an ECU with one built in to it.
- AEM Pencil Coils (AEM P/N 30-2850 & 30-2851)- Replace factory coils in applications which have an external ignitor or CDI ignition system. Can also be used in conjunction with an AEM Engine Position Module, 4-Channel Ignitor, AEM Twin Fire Ignition System, and Standalone Engine Management System to replace a distributed setup.

Before installing the AEM High Output Coil, disconnect the battery cables. Improper handling may cause severe electric shock which may result in injury or death. The unit must be completely powered down when any electrical work is performed on the vehicle.

Improper installation and/or adjustment of this product can result in major engine damage.

NOTE: AEM holds no responsibility for any engine damage that results from the misuse of this product!

Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.