Blow Off Valve Upgrade Kit RX7 FD

Blow Off Valve Upgrade Kit RX7 FD

The Pettit Racing Blow Off Valve Upgrade Kit is one of our top selling upgrades for the twin turbo RX7 FD. It's a direct bolt-on replacement, and installs in under 30 minutes.

Original valves are 13-24 years old, and don't work properly because, over time, repeated heat cycles cause the diaphragm to harden, which impairs both valve operation and response time.

Our upgraded Blow Off Valve is completely CNC machined from billet aluminum, utilizing dual o-rings to seal the piston (no diaphragm to fail like on the stock part). Finished in black hard anodizing. Lifetime Warranty.

Our BOV upgrade kit is capable of providing 30% or more flow than the original part, due to the 1-in. intake & discharge ports.

Benefits include:

  • Better surge protection
  • Reduced thrust loading
  • Improves boost response time
  • Keeps your turbos spooled between shifts
  • Provides 30% or more flow than OEM

To take full advantage of this BOV upgrade, Pettit Racing has developed a Hi-Flow Y-Pipe with a 1-in. dump port which connects directly to the new blow off valve.

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