Cool Power Kit (RX7 Twin Turbo), MA-99-CPT

Cool Power Kit (RX7 Twin Turbo), MA-99-CPT

Pettit Racing's new Cool Power Thermal Management System is designed for most Twin and Single Turbo RX-7's. The Cool Power system addresses the issue of radiant heat expanding the charge before the compression stroke, which robs power from your engine. Our kit uses the latest proprietary technology to help you get the most from your RX7 single turbo or twin turbo system.

The RX-7 Cool Power Twin Turbo System Includes:

Special .125-in. Thermal wrap for down pipe and enough extra material to wrap front section of mid pipe.
Extra Thermal Barrier Panel material is pre cut for several key areas behind the factory passenger foot well shield.
2 feet of hi temp metal tape, which is used to seal the panel edges.
3 Stainless hose clamps to secure the wrap
In addition to the pre-packaged Pettit RX-7 Cool Power Kits, Pettit Racing also offers many components for sale individually for custom projects:

RX7 Turbo Cover
RX7 Turbo Heat Shield
Thermal Barrier Panel
Thermal Barrier Wrap
Thermal Tape
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