Cool Power Thermal Barrier Wrap, 00-16-THW21

Cool Power Thermal Barrier Wrap, 00-16-THW21

Thermal management technology has evolved into a powerful science. Performance enthusiasts everywhere are learning that the significant horsepower and reliability gains realized with thermal management far outweigh the modest additional costs. With Pettit Racing's Thermal Barrier Wrap (TBW) you can help maximize the performance of your turbocharged RX7 or RX8.

  • Pettit Racing Thermal Barrier Wrap (TBW) is made of woven thermal insulation that resists temperatures of up to 2000° F.
  • The heat shield material does not contain or emit any harmful substances. Contains no asbestos, is non-flammable, will not corrode, and resists mildew and deterioration.
  • Available in 20-ft., 40-ft., and 100-ft. rolls.

Pettit Racing leads the industry with their innovative Cool Power Thermal Management Systems, designed to fit most RX7 turbocharger configurations. These kits are easy to install and the benefits are substantial. They offer kits and products for both the single turbo and the factory RX-7 twin turbo setups.

PART # 00-16-THW21