Coolant/Oil Temp Sensor (Metric)

Coolant/Oil Temp Sensor (Metric)
We use this same sensor on our #26 Time Attack FC RX7, our #25 Road Race FD RX7 and with all of our Haltech ECUs. Replace the old factory RX-7 temp sensor with this one and get the most accurate readings. This sensor is the correct thread pitch for the back of all 13B waterpump housings and is a direct replacement for the OEM sensor. No drilling, welding or tapping required.
GM Delphi/Packard Fluid/Coolant Temperature Sensor (M12 x 1.5 Thread). Sensor includes 2.way shrouded GT 150 3.5mm connector, seals and pins. (one extra seal & pin).
This is a fluid temp sensor and can be used for either coolant, oil or even fuel temperature.