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86-95 Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seal, 0000-01-9113

86-95 Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seal, 0000-01-9113

Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seals are the ultimate apex seal for any rotary engine. They are extremely strong, very light, and do not wear into the rotor housings the way a steel apex seal can. They are perfect for turbo and naturally aspirated applications alike, and are avaiable in either 2mm or 3mm variants and as single or two-piece design (we have found that the two-piece seals much better, but is more expensive). We use these seals in our #25 peripheral port non-turbo and #26 turbo race cars. Price is PER Rotor set (that's right, they cost this much EACH Rotor set) and include dual-apex seal springs, but are well worth every penny if you want the longest life out of your engine.

Price is for 1 individual apex seal. You will need 6 for a 13B and 9 for a 20B

Part # 0000-01-9113