Fuel System

AEM Water/Meth Injection: Recirculation Pump (200PS), 30-3015

AEM Water/Meth Injection: Recirculation Pump (200PS), 30-3015
AEM's recirculation-style pump offers improved performance, reliability and a much smoother, quieter operation when compared to older switched-style pumps. With the use of a new internal bypass design, AEM's upgraded pump eliminates erratic on and off switching/pulsing and ensures consistent fluid delivery for optimum performance. With durability and reliability in mind, AEM has designed the pump with a Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM seals to withstand the harshest of alcohol mixes.

Recirculation-Style Pump Key Features:
- No Cycling - pump runs continuously for consistent and proper fluid delivery
- Consistent Pressure Output - flow rates are more predictable with steady line pressures
- Maximizes Pump Pressure - higher line pressures provide better atomization
- Smooth and Quiet Pump Operation - less noise and vibration
- Pump Choices - 6-Amp (72 watt) standard pump for one-gallon kit (PN#30-3013) or 12-amp (144 watt) HD pump for five-gallon kit (PN#30-3014)