KOYO 48MM N-FLO Racing Radiator: RX-7 93-96 (MT), KOYO-HH060644N

KOYO 48MM N-FLO Racing Radiator: RX-7 93-96 (MT), KOYO-HH060644N

Koyo N-FLO Dull Pass Racing Aluminum Radiator (48mm High Density Core), for Mazda RX-7 93-96
Note: Factory radiator cap WILL NOT fit. Use Koyo SKC-13 radiator cap, sold separately.

This brand new application features Koyorad's new 48mm "HH" Series radiator core to maximize heat transfer. Koyo designs and manufactures each radiator with precision; therefore this is a direct-fit performance replacement for the stock OE Brass / Copper radiator and bolts directly to the factory fan shroud for a quick and simple installation. Koyo has also integrated a 1/8" NPT female accessory fitting (supplied with a threaded plug) to accept temperature sensors typically included with aftermarket temperature gauges.

Double Pass / N-FLO Construction strategically placed partitions make for a "N" or "U" shaped flow through the radiator. This allows for improved cooling efficiency compared to normal all-aluminum racing models.

Note: Koyo All-Aluminum racing radiators are made for manual transmission applications only. Automatic transmissions will require an external transmission oil cooler.
Due to the oversize construction, certain appications may fit tighter when used in different modification settings.
Koyo Racing Radiators are designed to meet OEM-Specific settings.

Part # KOYO-HH060644N