Corbeau Evolution X

Corbeau Evolution X
The Sportline Evolution X is the newest addition to our Sportline series of seats. The Evolution X was designed after we came out with the Evolution, which is the reclining version of this same seat. The C5 and C6 Corvettes are the vehicles that inspired the Evolution X. We tried to install the Evolution (reclining version) into a C6 Corvette only to find it was too wide at the reclining mechanism.  The seat looked so good that we decided we had to come up with a way to make it fit. That's when we decided to make it a fixed back version while making sure the recline of the seat back was at the most comfortable angle possible. From this the Evolution X was designed and just as we thought  it's incredibly comfortable and looks amazing in the Corvettes or any other vehicle for that matter. The Evolution was designed to give you just enough lateral support to hold you in place, while at the same time making it easy to move around or get in and out of your vehicle. This feature makes it ideal for the street, the track, or offroad. The Evolution X features top of the line injection molded foam, strategically placed bolsters to support you in just the right places, and harness belt capability. The Sportline Evolution X is available in black vinyl with a carbon fiber vinyl contrast. It also features silver offset harness slots and red offset stitching to give it an added touch of luxury. The Evolution X has a seat base height of only 2.5 inches. What that means is if you sit the seat on the floor the distance between the floor and where you would sit is 2.5 inches. Comparatively speaking this is a thin seat base, which is ideal for minimal headroom applications or for drivers wearing helmets. Please note that because of the design of the Evolution X, a 5th slot cannot be added to this seat. As a rule of thumb the Evolution X will fit up to a 38-inch waist.
Bolster Support: Ultimate lateral support with well-defined thigh, kidney, and shoulder bolsters will allow both the driver and passenger to remain in the optimal seating position. The reduction of body shifting will reduce the amount of driver fatigue and enhance the overall driving experience.
Harness Capability: This seat has harness slots for 3,4 and 5-point harness belt capability. A submarine slot (5thslot) cannot be added to the seat base.
Injection Molded Foam: High-density injection molded foam provides ultimate comfort. The heat transfer into the foam causes the seat to form to your body. The foam will maintain its shape for years insuring long lasting comfort.
Fabric: This seat features vinyl and a carbon fiber vinyl contrast.  The carbon fiber vinyl combined with the black cloth gives an added look of luxury. 
Steel Frame: Extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frame.
64901F - Black Vinyl/Carbon Vinyl